hello, start reading here.

this one time...

...we drove to Michigan and back in one weekend.
to tailgate with dozens of our closest friends.
to wear green and white.
to reunite and hug and love each other.

We are so good at standing around all day, shooting the breeze and cheering on MSU to another victory.

guaranteed monday laugh.

Watch this.
It will bring you joy.

Happy Monday!

my heart melted today.

Photo: my own. Taken in Santander, Spain.

Today, while teaching, I noticed a student writing and not necessary paying attention.  Instantaneously, I grabbed the paper from her and placed it on my desk.

Her response, excuse, reasoning, reply?? "That's okay, I want you to read it, anyway."

This is word for word what she wrote.

OMG, My #1 Teacher
teach teach teach, that's enough, let's go to the beach!
OMG I just messed up
Ok, let's start over.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you like what
I'm saying
 I will like it too!
O ya, I'm writing
so how would I not like it?
Ok, so let me tell you:
In K-4, Teachers didn't like me
They thought I was lying
and I was the one who ended up crying.
It made me sad.
It made me mad.

Then you came along
all happy and jolly!
And you flipped me up
and down and all
around.  I feel happy
and just like you too.
and Now


My heart melted today.  She has reminded me that the hard work and long nights are so worth it.  
Here's to teachers being "happy and jolly" and flipping their student "up and down and all around".  :)

no photo nashville, but i do have wedding love.

I would really love to share pictures with you of our weekend in Nashville, but guess what?
My sweet, sweet husband accidentally dropped my camera on the floor of a honky-tonk country showdown.  What can you do?  These things happen. 
Er, these things happen to those in NashVegas surrounded by cowboy boots and a whole bunch o' hollerin'.

In other news, here's more wedding loveliness, courtesy of our photographer/cousin.

I give you the ceremony.
Love, love.
It takes effort and extra hands to put on a wedding dress. Let me tell you.
Something old.  My "Meme" (grandma) made this from the very first formal dress she wore when she was 15.  The button is from a dress I wore when I was a little girl. LOVE, LOVE.
Could they be cuter? And the best part is...we're actually related to them. My cousin, Aaron and our niece, Grace. :)
My Grandpa and Daddy walked me down the aisle.  Such a sweet, emotional moment.
We painted half of an ichthus to show unity in Christ.

This is what pure joy looks like!

More to come! :)

life lately.

This is what busyness looks like for me. 
(So, I'm not writing our wedding thank yous anymore, like I was in this picture, but you get the idea.)
I'm usually surrounded by STUFF and a mug of coffee is never more than an arm's reach away. 
For example, it's not uncommon for Mr. Blossom to come home to a living room covered in teacher's editions, worksheets and math tests.  Thank the Lord for his patience with me.

The best part in all this? ROAD TRIP TOMORROW. To Nashville. 
To see some really great friends.
And to hopefully hear some sweet music
( A good friend sent me this song today. Listen, now, because I'm a teacher and it's my job to make people listen to me.) ;)
(Picture found here.)

Any friends, music or fun cities in your weekend plans?