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a sweet little family.

Kisses for both babies...

Had to throw in just one of my snuggling this little bundle and one of Mack: Thee Most Enormous Dog in Existence.

Remember when my best friend had a super cute baby named Harper Annie?

I am so blessed to know this little family, to be best friends with that gorgeous mama and to have snapped a few shots of their new little family (and ENORMOUS dog).


And believe it or not....I still have more. :)

lesson learned.

I can't do it alone.  I can try to do it alone.  And try, I will. And have. And do often.
But it's never enough.  It brings me to my knees and makes me feel stupid and helpless ALL OVER AGAIN.
There is a reason why my God loves me enough to lead me and carry me through hard moments and days.  Because I need Him and because I need to be carried.  So, I stopped fighting back and let him carry me.

And this is what happened...

I have learned more in this one year than I ever, ever have.  I have painstakingly allowed God to prune me of every last leaf and fruit until I felt like nothing more but a helpless, little twig.  And now? Now, he's brought me to a much sunnier place.  He's allowed me to feel the grass beneath my feet, the sun on my shoulders and the joy of the green leaves and tiny fruit slowly coming back to life.  I can finally see now that all along He was growing in me a deeper hunger for Him.  A deeper need for Him.  I see now that it was so very worth it.

Thank you, Jesus, for giving me the joy and challenge of loving/teaching twenty three little people this year.  Thank you for making a learner out of this elementary school teacher.

200 cupcakes.

Joe's colleagues' response to the cupcakes I sent to work: cupcake ransom note.

Have I mentioned that two of my most wonderful friends are getting married in June?
Have I mentioned that they asked me to make the cupcakes for their wedding?

That's right, I will be baking, icing and caring over many tiny cakes for the most important day in my friends' lives thus far.  And therefore, I have been practicing.  They have asked for three kinds: chocolate, vanilla and a "fun" flavor.

Here's the plan:

1.) Chocolate cupcake topped with whipped ganache frosting and a bit of sea salt
2.) Vanilla bean cupcake topped with whipped white frosting, simple but lovely
3.) And...perhaps a lemon cupcake with raspberry frosting (I still have to try this one!)

More photos to come. :)

insta-lately: happy things.

A little planting in warm Georgia sun. 
Discovering many pretty roses on red brick.
Our favorite meal at one of our favorite places.  Eat it here.

Kiwi Banana Honey. Best popsicles in all the land.
Saturdays spent at a sunny art festival.
Charming old theaters.
First time eating macaroons here. I've been missing out.
This one pretending to sing a silly love song on a dusty guitar. 

Sometimes, it's the little things :)

Happy, Happy Friday!