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Love Day lovelyness.

From school...

From Mr. Blossom...

For Mr. Blossom...

For...myself? Whoops :)

Interested in the above Red Velvet Cheesecake recipe? Find it here.  Beware: easy but super, super rich.

Lesson I learned this week: Valentines Day is awful as a teacher.  Too many sweets, too much chocolate.  Too many jittery, sugared-up tiny people. It can certainly make a V-Day Scrooge outta you.

I hope your Love Day was Scrooge free and chocolate full. :)

25 years of love.

You never have your camera at the exact moment you wish you did.
Murphy's Law, I guess.

Because, last Saturday this happened....
(and I was reminded why I have the cutest parents. Ever.)

25 years ago on Valentine's Day, my parents were married.
Years in between, Mom lost her wedding rings.
This past weekend, for their anniversary, Dad gave her a new one.
She cried, I cried (and screamed for Joey to grab the camera) and all was just lovely.
It was so cute watching my mom be so surprised and lovestruck.

Newlywed or 25 years in, love is still love.  And just as beautiful as ever.
Happy 25th to my sweet, sweet parents!

insta-lately happy list.

A PUNny note on a pile of hangers
Pretty sunlight on new shoes
A thoughtful husband who buys flowers
A lazy afternoon lunch with friends followed shortly by a yummy cappucino

How crucial it is to see the beauty in each day.
God gives so much and places so much beauty around me.  It's only when I breathe in deeply and actually notice His beauty that I can revel is how beautiful the everyday truly is.

And when I see this beauty, I'm less likely to snap a sassy comment to the overbearing bikers who holler "move to the left" on my running trail.  Because who knows, you might find yourself in a pleasant conversation with some so-called "bossy bikers" mere minutes later. (THAT HAPPENED.)

And when I see this beauty, I'm more apt to smile and laugh with a classroom full of hormonal preteens, to sing hymns at the top of my lungs and to really breathe in early morning Atlanta skyline.

vintage. awesome.

There's something so lovely about this photo.

Do you think we look alike? That's my grandma. :)

These photos are of my sweet, lil grandma (Jacklyn) and her family in the 1950s.
Does it get much better than this?
Old cars and close friends.
Pencil skirts, flats and thick-rimmed glasses.

I just love it.

Here's to much simpler times. 


Happy Things.
Lovely Things.

1. Flying home to Georgia after a beautiful wedding.
2. Froyo date with my love. Enough said.
3. Finishing an entire pot of French Roast. Alone.  Hello, I'm Ashley and I have a problem.
4. Husband brings home surprise flowers for no reason at all. (Swoon.)
5. Could this Saturday morning breakfast be more beautiful? Nope.  Again, credit to Mr. B.
6. Rainy/cozy GA days.
7. I can buy my cousin's From Frank cards in Atlanta.  I mean, seriously, how many people have their own card line?  Go read them, you will giggle.

Happy February, y'all!
(Yep, I can say that. I live down south.  Nevermind that it's totally still awkward and unnatural.)

P.S. An update on the brown paper packages post from Christmas...
ALL neighbors replied with handwritten notes of thanks and small Christmas-y gifts.  How sweet, right?