hello, start reading here.

weekend, come soon.

Things I am dying to do this weekend:

go on a date.
paint my nails.
catch up on phone calls.
watch a movie.

It really is the simple things when you're drowning in busyness.

AND maybe, possibly try to update the blog world on why I have been M.I.A.

I promise I'm alive, it's just that my entire life is in my window-less 5th grade classroom.

Update soon :) 

swiffer jamz.

The other night as I was frantically preparing for an interview, husband was ever-so-graciously cleaning our lil' apartment before my parents came to visit.

And then the time came for him to sweep the wood floors and he made this comment:

"When I swiffer, I listen to this song. Swiffer Jams. So you're gonna have to like it."

And then he played this song....
and I laughed hysterically as he swept and danced his heart out.

So ridiculous.
Now that's good sweepin' music. ;)