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adventures with einstein.

This one time, we "dog-sat" for a superrrr cute golden doodle. Named Einstein.
We thought about kidnapping her but decided to adventure instead.

A Saturday Stroll in Piedmont Park.

Adventure 2: Visit with a gaggle of geese. Obviously.

Puppy Fever is dangerously high, friends.
Must. Get. Pup. ASAP.

oh la la, guest post.

Guess what? My sweet friend Jacqlyn (and I mean actual friend, from HIGH SCHOOL, friend) has honored me with the privilege of posting on her blog today.

The theme for her latest series:

I feel best when...

Head on over to Plain and Fancy to check it out!


Late night Trader Joe's visit.

Sunday morning breakfast at home.

Einstein the Doodle.

Plain Greek yogurt + Nutella with strawberries.  Best you'll have.

Newly-discovered wishbone tree.

This weekend: 
Pretty flowers.
Pretty landscapes.
Pretty food.

Not to mention, a super cute pup to cuddle with. More on that later.
Happy Monday!

a rather silly NYE.

Let me introduce you to some of my favorite people in existence.
When we get together there is continual laughter, ridiculous dance moves and endless shenanigans. 

Oh and love.  Lots of love.
Meet: Chelsea (left).  Roommate and friend since 2008.

Meet: Binz (clearly not her real name.).  Roommate and friend since freshman year of college in 2006.
Meet: Chrispy.  Practically a roommate and friend since 2008.

Meet: Jamie. Roommate and friend since 2002.  She's cute.

And although two of our roomies are missing, there is so much love here. :)

Fun was surely had...
...had by all. :)

Something about these pictures being blurry and out of focus makes me love them all the more. 
All photos are courtesy of Mr. Blossom, who sadly didn't take any of himself.

winter's not really winter.

Winter's not really winter...when you live in Georgia.
Winter is...
Crisp Michigan snow cozily nestled on bright red berries
so quaint and lovely that you can't help but throw on grandma's boots 
and scurry into the piercing air to capture it's perfection with your new camera.  

Perhaps I miss "real" Michigan winter.
I can't say.

But I will admit that I'm a sucker for white snow on red berries
AND still being able to wear TOMS to walk outdoors for miles in January.

For now, I'll ride the fence.

Happy weekend :)

12 in 2012

found here via pinterest
 I realize that the new year has come and gone, but I do get SOME credit for posting my 12 2012 goals on the 12th, right? Right. :)

Of course, I'll keep you updated on my journey. 

1. Write at least one "you're awesome", "I appreciate you" or "I miss you" letter each month.  On pretty stationary, obviously.

2. Spend a weekend in Savannah galavanting with Mr. Blossom.

3. Take a class or read several books on photography.

4. Learn to knit something awesome other than a scarf.  Hat, mittens, socks?

5. Perfect the ultimate hummus recipe.  (Not that this is too tricky, I just havent' done it yet.)

6.  Make cute birthday cards for others. & send them!

7.  Dust off the ol' guitar and actually learn to play something halfway impressive/presentable.

8.  Make a habit of Farmers' Market-ing.

9.  Ride my awesome, vintage-y bike.  A lot.  More.

10.  Read & sing in Spanish more, more, more.

11. Visit and hike more of Georgia's mountains & pretty trails.

12.  Learn to drive a stick shift.  (This could get crazy. Send prayers.)

christmas recap.

Let me start by saying, I know Christmas is long gone.
But let me also say that I've been so, so busy since getting home that I have hardly had time to shower. (I kid.  Sorta.)  Those 5th graders get all of my time.  (Now, that's truth.  No kidding there.)

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from our Christmas holiday in Michigan.

+Christmas Eve afternoon at Fredrick Meijer Gardens.  If you're from MI and you haven't been there, go immediately.  Especially during Christmas time. If you don't know what Meijer is at all, I'm sorry that you're missing out on a far superior grocery shopping experience.  

+Getting crafty.  I decided to make these super sweet felt, flower headbands for my two nieces and preggo best friend using this tutorial.  So easy. Do it. 

+Making a gingerbread house with Uncle Joey, Uncle Andrew and Gracie. I am not at all responsible for anything her Uncles taught her, for example, "How To Sneak Candy When No One's Looking".  That happened.  However, I am responsible for letting her put icing and candy on our noses.  I mean, why not?

Love the candy house contemplative look. 

I know, I know....best one you've seen, right?
Meet Viv.  Funniest little niece who makes the funniest little faces.

+And here the Blossom nieces are wearing their new headbands.  Grace decided to wear hers like a hippie child.  I approve this message.

 Our first married Christmas! Hope you had a merry one!