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12 in 2012

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 I realize that the new year has come and gone, but I do get SOME credit for posting my 12 2012 goals on the 12th, right? Right. :)

Of course, I'll keep you updated on my journey. 

1. Write at least one "you're awesome", "I appreciate you" or "I miss you" letter each month.  On pretty stationary, obviously.

2. Spend a weekend in Savannah galavanting with Mr. Blossom.

3. Take a class or read several books on photography.

4. Learn to knit something awesome other than a scarf.  Hat, mittens, socks?

5. Perfect the ultimate hummus recipe.  (Not that this is too tricky, I just havent' done it yet.)

6.  Make cute birthday cards for others. & send them!

7.  Dust off the ol' guitar and actually learn to play something halfway impressive/presentable.

8.  Make a habit of Farmers' Market-ing.

9.  Ride my awesome, vintage-y bike.  A lot.  More.

10.  Read & sing in Spanish more, more, more.

11. Visit and hike more of Georgia's mountains & pretty trails.

12.  Learn to drive a stick shift.  (This could get crazy. Send prayers.)

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sgrmse. January 13, 2012 at 9:27 PM

i'd just be happy having any kind of winter to be honest. snow is just pretty, pretty, pretty! :D :D

happy 2012, by the way.
may the year be filled with magic ♥