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dance skillz.

You know those times where you loose all inhibition and dance and shimmy your little heart out in your living room to Britney Spears? No...?

In case you're wondering, that is EXACTLY what occurred in the above photos.  Better move the couch quick because we were really starting something on that living room dance flo...or so we like to think.

(I'd like to thank Dance Central for capturing the most awesomely bad/embarrassing photos of all time.)

the color run.

A week ago today, we ran this race.
And this is what my face looked like afterwards.
Needless to say, my running shoes, hair and shower are still a bit pink....

introducing: ralphie blossom.


A cute, scruffy, non-shedding, shaggy, soft, cuddly, 40lb, Goldendoodle ball of love.
HER name will be Ralphie, because we think it's awesome. And because we kinda like "old man names" for pups.

She'll be born in May and come live with us in July. WE CANNOT WAIT.

If you're sick of hearing me talk about puppies, hear (read?) me talk about vegetables and recipes and such on my friend Jess's blog today. :)

Baby Harper part 2.

"Why not take pictures of a sweet baby girl dressed in an Easter-y outfit on top of Mt. Scott?" said my best friend and I.  And so we did.  In the middle of Oklahoma.
And she slept through the whole thing. :)

P.S. Interested in making flower headbands for sweet little ones in your life? Check out this post.

Baby Harper part 1.

I came home from visiting my best friend in Oklahoma this weekend with nearly 600 photos of this sweet little one on my camera.  This is what happens when your best friend has a ridiculously cute little baby girl.

Best part?  ALL of these were taken while she was staring right at her Mama.
So precious.  Here's to you, Harper Annie, and all of your sweet, hilarious little faces.
Many more to come. :)