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insta-spring lovelies.

So blurry but so happy nonetheless. :)

My too-cool-for-you-awesomeness bicycle.

Home blackberry cinnamon waffle.
If you don't know what Vernors is...buy some and drink it immediately with vanilla ice cream.  You're welcome.
Want your house to smell EXACTLY like spring? Hyacinth. BAM.

I love the buzz that comes with a new season.
Everyone seems to be frolicking about and talking about how lovely it is.  Nothing like some sunshiney optimism.  It's good for the soul.  The above photos were all snapped via instagram while I was doing just that...frolicking on my bike, near Georgia blossoms, eating waffles (that didn't work, did it?), or...in jorts.  I'm cool like that.

But my most exciting news?

I'm visiting these lil' sweet feet in Oklahoma tomorrow.  These presh lil' toes belong to Harper Annie and she is my bestest friend's little sweet baby girl (Could I use the word 'lil' anymore? Sheesh.).  And I get to spend (almost) a week with her.  I cannot wait. :)  Best friend time and baby time.  All around goodness.

Stay tuned for some new baby/family pictures! :)


When your last name is Blossom and your friends are on Twitter, the following hashtag may happen to you #potentialblossombabynames, and you just have to go with it.

Disclaimer: I'm not pregnant or even close to thinking about being pregnant. This is only for comedic relief.  Mom, if you're out there, for goodness sakes, don't read into this.

And the top contenders are...
Spring Apple Blossom
Crabapple Blossom...which was the winner until THIS idea was thrown out there...

Let's be real, if a child with that name can dance like THIS KID, it may be worth it.  Homeboy can move.

Up and away, bright yellow plane.

A bright yellow plane, mint green headset, Atlanta skyline.
Perfectly wonderful Sunday afternoon.
And one pretty amazing date idea.

insta-lately. Nashville.

Why hello, friends.
Holy cow, the last few weeks have been insanely busy.  My weekdays have been filled with too much paper grading and lesson planning and the weekends have been spent away from home visiting friends.  Obviously, the traveling part is the fun-busyness that I prefer. :)

But now...I am officially on break.  Planning each day as I go and traveling even more.  
Stay tuned for some awesome adventures.  

First up: Nashville.
We ran a 5k. At 8am.  On St. Patty's.  
We visited a hot dog stand.
We line-danced and jammed to live country bands.
We barbecued and ate an enormous country breakfast.
Most importantly, we laughed and had an all-around awesome Nashvegas weekend. Nashville for the win! Again. 

7am, ya'll. Get 'er done.

Team Sparty Swag. Go green, go white!

This is Scott hating Instagram.  I instagram-ed him anyways.  Sorry I'm not sorry.

Gosh, I love them.

Just acting normally.

Promise you'll eat breakfast here?
Stay tuned. Trips to sunny Florida and Oklahoma to come.  Yes, Oklahoma.

charlotte, nc.

What do.... Joe & Joe, a mountain top, chocolate peanut butter cake and Charlotte, NC... have in common?
A birthday-reunion-weekend of course!

Joe's best bro-friend, Joe, turned 24. (Confusing, I know.)
So we ventured to the super adorable Charlotte town to celebrate in Joe's honor, hike a mountain top and (literally) race through town in time for frozen yogurt (insert fatty jokes).  We had so much fun that I didn't even bother to take any REAL pictures with my REAL camera.  iPhone pics, y'all.  Whoops.
'Twas lovely.  We love these two.
Crowder's Mountain and State Park

This girl can pack a mean picnic.

I can't stop laughing at this. BROMANCE, right here.
Cake for breakfast, dessert and snack? Okay.

The only thing I love more than a skim capp, is a pretty capp. ;)

Pretty church, sound truth.

And if you're wondering, you should totally visit Charlotte.  I think I may have fallen a bit for it's antique, "low country" charm. The South wins me over yet again!

golf cart chillin'.

Ever heard of The Villages, Florida? No? Well, feast your eyes on the below.  It's all the rage for retirement: Haagen-Daz, Palm Trees and the highest percentage of golfcarts on any given street at any given time. Ever.
And my grandparents now reside in this very place.
Dad and my sweet Meme (grandma) being cute.

Momma and her "favorite son-in-law".

They. Are. Everywhereeeee.

Oh, you didn't know he played? Well, he does. Just look at him....

Really busting out the Garth Brooks on the ol' ivory keys.

Jk, he can't play. Nor can he or I take ourselves seriously.

A sweet and sunny new abode.

YES, there is a surfboard AND a hula girl on/in this golfcart.

We'll be back Villages, even though you'll force us "under 30s" to swim in the family pool.  We'll be back indeed.