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life lately.

This is what busyness looks like for me. 
(So, I'm not writing our wedding thank yous anymore, like I was in this picture, but you get the idea.)
I'm usually surrounded by STUFF and a mug of coffee is never more than an arm's reach away. 
For example, it's not uncommon for Mr. Blossom to come home to a living room covered in teacher's editions, worksheets and math tests.  Thank the Lord for his patience with me.

The best part in all this? ROAD TRIP TOMORROW. To Nashville. 
To see some really great friends.
And to hopefully hear some sweet music
( A good friend sent me this song today. Listen, now, because I'm a teacher and it's my job to make people listen to me.) ;)
(Picture found here.)

Any friends, music or fun cities in your weekend plans?

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Katelyn October 10, 2011 at 4:33 PM

Ohmygoodness! I'm that good friend you mentioned on your blog! Yesss!! And LOVE that song Mrs. Blossom!