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Monday Mail.

Today's Monday.
Normally, people think that sucks, but I am blessed to receive a chain of five hilariously entertaining emails every Monday from some of the best people in the world.  And that makes Mondays much, much better.

Who are these ladies? My college roommates.

Lindsay: My roommate every single year of college.  We shared every piece of clothing and pretty much functioned as an old married couple.  I made the coffee, she cleaned the bathroom.  We ate far too many Lean Cuisines for dinner and pulled one-to-many miserable all-nighters in the library.  Now? She rocks it out working for National Geographic in Washington, DC.

Jamie: This girl is one heck of a good story teller.  Her and I lead Bible study together and I even sorta wrecked her car one time.  She forgave me and told me it was no big deal.  She even taught me that tall, awkward girls CAN run.  Now? She works for Teach For America in Nashville and does her part to make sure all lil' kiddos get an opportunity to learn.

Julie: The first time I met her I wondered if there was a more amiable yet funny chica on the planet.  There isn't.  She introduced me to the joy and wonder that is the East coast and stuck up for me when I couldn't stick up for myself.  She even spent a few Michigan Thanksgivings with my family. They adore her.  Now? She pretty much runs a hotel at the age of 23 in New Jersey.  Legit.

Chelsea: We once spent 20dollars making possibly the worst and biggest fail of a dessert called "tiramisu".  This lady loaned her first floor cozy bedroom to me for hours of studying on end because I lived in the chilly attic.  Her and I have even faced the threat of a bat invasion together.  I still owe her for that one! Now? She lives in Michigan, loves her job and just married her best friend!

Erin: Funny people come in tiny packages.  I was so thankful for her after long walks home from class when I knew I could find her at home ready for heart-to-hearts paired with CSI and too much tortilla chips and hummus.  My favorite memory of her? That time she found a dead mouse by the microwave when trying to make oatmeal.  Took it like a champ.  Now? She's almost in her 3rd year of law school in Boston!

The worst part about having a beyond amazing family of college roommates is saying goodbye.  Our last night as roommates, we spent the entire evening crying, giggling, exchanging gifts and sleeping on the SAME air mattress. SIX GIRLS.  I kid you not.  I know we'll always call each other our "roommates" until we're 75 chatting over coffee and moseying throughout MSU's campus like it was just yesterday that we lived in dumpy college houses and ate endless amounts of popsicles on the roof...just because we could.

These girls make me laugh to tears and feel blessed beyond belief.  Thank you for being exactly who you are. :)
Happy Monday!

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Day - NyLA Love June 20, 2012 at 4:47 PM

Wow, all these dishes look DELISH!