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little red hen.

I got it. And I did it.

Friends, I would like to announce the shiny, long awaited arrival of my brand new, sparkling white Kitchen Aid Mixer.  

(Insert photo of me hugging the mixer when it was still in the box. This really happened.  Pathetic, I know.) 

And I made bread with this magical mixer. 

History: As a little girl, I spent countless hours, days and weeks on my grandparents farm.  My Meme (my grandma), my sister and I spent our days riding horses, arranging wildflowers, picking berries, sewing aprons and....baking.  We baked our lil' hearts out with Meme's white Kitchen Aid Mixer. And ever since I can remember, I've wanted a white Kitchen Aid Mixer just like Meme's.  And I wanted to make bread...

just like Meme

Well, I did it. I fired up the mixer and went to town on a relatively easy bread recipe. And although I have a tendency to overdo it with most things in life, I chose a simple recipe.  That was my first victory. 

And as I waited for the bread to bake, I felt as if I had accomplished a small rite of passage. I was giddy all night about my bread and I could not wait to try it.  But I was oh so nervous for the taste. Would it turn out?  Would it even come close to Meme's?  Honestly, people, I was a Nervous Nelly.

And this is where the Little Red Hen comes in.  I work all night and Joe reaps the benefit of my....wait for it, wait for it....

delicious, aromatic, beautiful, homemade bread.


And I served it warm with butter and cinnamon sugar.
Just like Meme. 

But I guess I don't mind sharing delicious bread with my husband after all. :)  

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Molly Weisgarber Bellanco September 13, 2011 at 10:02 AM

How precious I love your grandparents and this BREAD! If this is a secret family thing totally awesome...but it if it is open to share -send.it.my.way! But back to your sweet grandparents and FAMILY! Love them all. The Landis fam. was one that always had a special place in my heart and I just felt like another girl in the crew:) Wise-Christain-funny family! I give them 10s across the board!

and you hugging your kitchen aid. Not silly at all! I got one and was very surprised A)to get one B) moments afterwards very nervous of the responsibility that come with owning one!

-can i live up to all the great bakers and cooks of the world with them? THe question we are all awaiting to see.

And yes i will support you comment on Facebook. WHY DONT WE LIVE CLOSER?!?!?