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1,955 miles in 6 days.

Atlanta to Michigan.
Michigan to Ohio.
Ohio to Michigan.
Michigan to Atlanta.
Atlanta to Charleston.

And Charleston back to sweet home ATL.

First, my mom, lil' sis and I went to my best friend from childhood's wedding in our lil' Ohio hometown.  It was such a sweet wedding and she was a beautiful bride. :)

Rachael and I: We used to pretend we were twins.
Kaitlyn (lil' sis) and I

Landis ladies :)  

 In Charleston, my roommates and I from college (4 of the 6) met up to beach, tour, relax and eat. 

They are some of my most favorite people in the world.  Here's why....

We obviously do not take life too seriously.

Impromptu dance sessions almost always occur.

We laugh until we cry.

We ALWAYS have the best time.

Sometimes we're divas... ;)

Or sometimes we wear Jason Mraz hats...

But mostly, we're just really great friends. :)

Some of us are sisters...

The rest of us just act like sisters. :)

Other times we're reallllll stinkin' clumsy and then we laugh AGAIN.
And we even beach it up when it's cloudy and rainy.

Five close friends in a cutesy, picturesque beach town.  Does it get any better?

No, it does not.  Even though it was cloudy and I accidentally kicked a crab (there's blood to prove it), we frolicked up and down the beach like it was the best day ever. 
Because, according to us, it was.

Stay tuned, there's much more of gorgey Charleston to come. :)