hello, start reading here.

fondue? i do.

This weekend was full of all kinds of awesome:

-Homemade black bean burgers. Serve with onion buns and chipotle mayo. You will love.

-Watching Sixteen Candles in Piedmont Park on our new picnic blanket.

-Date night at Dante's Down The Hatch: a charming fondue restaurant made to look like a sea-side Mediterranean village, complete with a Peter Pan-like sailboat in the middle and live jazz music. Oh, how can I forget the crocodile that lives in the pool of water surrounding the antique ship? I cannot, that's for sure.

-A trip to Ikea complete with tons'o newly purchased colored boxes just for organizing.

-Playing rock, paper, scissors to decide whether or not to buy a fondue pot. Buying a fondue pot.

-Farmer's Market grocery shopping. Huge, fresh, glorious Farmer's Market.

& two dinners with old and new friends.

We are blessed. :)

Not to mention, yesterday was Father's Day and I happen to have the best dad (and family) in the entire world! :) Miss them and love them dearly. xo